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About hernia Clinik

Hernia Surgery Clinik AKA Herniaclinik was founded by Dr.Sachin Kuber ,MS ( Gen.Surg ) 6 years ago on May,15,2004.

The motive behind setting up a speciality Hernia Surgery centre was to address rising need of Hernia Surgery speciality.

Hernia is a special problem of the society and treating hernia is also special. Why is that? because hernia is a complex entity driven by many factors in our body. It is a localised problem of all the body. So it needs special attention to cure it. Routine surgery of Hernia by a general surgeon does not address the special repair that is needed to prevent the recurrence of the hernia. So a profoundly interested center of surgery for hernias was necessary.

Our Motto

Our motto is loud and clear in serving Hernia and other patients, a complete recovery from hernia. As all of know that hernia is a recurring problem in our society as well as worldwide. So to bring down rate of recurrence of the hernia is our prime goal. We always try hard to keep it below 2%. Now it needs a lot of hard work. That’s what we are in this field for. We want to remove and eliminate every single cause and entity which will lead to recurrence of hernia in a patient. By studying hernia as a whole problem of the body we came to know that hernia is to be treated as a whole body problem. Our aim is to reduce all risk factors from the body like high fat, tobacco abuse, metabolic problems, heavy weight lifting. In all it is a lifestyle modification which we are looking into. Thus we realize this and no one does this better that us.

We are designing a complete solution to this problem of hernia, which we think will lead to ZERO recurrence after surgery. We offer best-in-class surgery but that is not enough. We need to optimize the strength of the body so that the person will not be embarrassed with this hernia in his life again !

Our STAND-APART features

  • Complete evaluation of Hernia and body of the patient
  • Complete understanding of the offending causes of hernia formation.
  • Lifestyle management to reduce the offending factors responsible.
  • Various choices of surgery offered to the patients.
  • complete follow up up to 3 years after surgery to check for any unusual development.
  • Cost effective solutions.
  • Wide choice of mesh available.
  • Latest techniques of surgery as it becomes available in the world.
  • Superlative efficiency in treating hernia
  • Exclusive outlook to treat hernia.
  • Safety standards are very high.
  • Strict adherence to hernia Surgery protocol.
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